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Crazy 8

Crazy 8 - the ski race for everyone

The race starts on Saturday, 9 March 2019, at 8.00 am, in Zöblen at the Mühlhanglift. The racers will start in groups of 8 and with intervals of 1 minute each.
The first stage is for warming up and challenges the racers to get from the Mühlhang lift (1) to the Rohnenspitze 4-seater chairlift (2) as quickly as possible - of course all turnstiles are unlocked and the Rohnenpitzbahn is ready to go. At the top (3), the second stage on the Pontental descent (4) leads to the Wannenjochbahn valley station in Schattwald. Now it goes up with the 3-seater chair lift Wannenjoch and arrived at the top (5) the third stage starts on the valley descent Wannenjoch (6) to the valley station (7) - a "breather" for the racers is the ascent with the Wannenjochbahn, arrived at the top (8) there is no time to lose, because it starts already the fourth stage (9) over the descent Langebene - Stuibenlift (10+11) and Stuibental and Pontental descent (12) to the area Mühlhanglift. The following fifth stage (13) leads up again with the Rohnenspitzbahn (14) and as the crowning finale, the racers on the FIS track (15) can take the last reserves out of themselves in order to reach the finish in the area of the Rohnenspitzbahn valley station as quickly as possible.

total approx. 15 km, thereof approx. 10 km ski race track.

Participation is permitted from 16 years of age. Participants up to the age of 18 require the consent of a legal representative. This legal representative must be present at the race number issue in order to sign the conditions of participation on site.

In addition to the individual classification, team classifications (2-man team, 4-man team) will also be carried out. In order to be considered in this evaluation, at least 2 or 4 participants must be registered under the same team name. The team of 4, which reaches the average time of all teams, will receive a special prize!

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Ski racers on the slopes at Crazy 8 - the ski race for everyone
Course map Crazy 8 - the ski race for everyone