Tourism Association

Welcome... the "most beautiful high valley of Europe"

The Tannheimer Tal combines nature and culture in a magnificent mountain world, where sport and enjoyment, experience and discovery are very close together.

It's only been two or three generations since farsighted people from our valley got together to found a "Verschönerungsverein". They wanted to lay the foundations so that guests could feel at home here and enjoy the beauty of the mountains and nature. What today is the task of a tourism association was a revolutionary idea and a groundbreaking innovation 100 years ago. It changed the valley and at the same time prevented it from being overrun by the changes of others. Preservation, preservation, development and design - together with our guests we have succeeded in making the Tannheimer Tal a valued holiday destination, which is a welcome destination at any time of year and for every age group, for single travellers, couples and families.