Free Wlan


Free WLAN in the Tourist information building in Tannheim

We are happy to offer our guests free access to an internet surfing station. You do not have to pay any fees for this service! There is no need for an active internet connection (i.e. roaming) on your device.

How to register?
1. You don't need an internet-enabled mobile phone! You can also connect to a notebook, tablet or smartphone via WLAN. 
2. The login or registration page of the ticket system will then appear automatically.
3. You must enter your name and mobile number here. 
4. You will receive an SMS from us. This contains your username and password. Both are only valid temporarily. 
5. With these access data you log in with your device (tablet, notebook, smartphone) via your browser.

Why via SMS? 
Only via SMS we can be able to identify the user in the event of "problems with surfing behaviour". Most mobile phone owners have fixed contracts and are therefore known by name to their telephone provider. The same applies to prepaid customers abroad. A mail address is in most cases anonymous and can never be directly assigned to a person. The Tannheimer Tal Tourism Association is required by law to guarantee the identification of every user. Only in this way can we protect ourselves from misuse! 

WLAN Hotspots in the Tannheimer Tal