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Adrenaline kick with rechargeable battery

Environmentally friendly and comfortable: E-bikes and pedelecs in the Tannheimer Tal

In the Tannheimer Tal there is no excuse for not exploring the Tyrolean holiday region by bike: Pedelecs or e-bikes enable holidaymakers of all ages and fitness levels to pedal more or less hard. "With the two-track, hybrid vehicles, as the pedelecs are also called in technical jargon, and the electric scooters, we have not only expanded our range for guests and locals, but have also taken a major and important step towards climate-friendly mobility," says Michael Keller, Managing Director of the Tannheimer Tal Tourism Association. 

A pedelec bike reaches a speed of up to 25 kilometres per hour and is ideal for relaxed tours in the scenic Tannheimer Tal valley. The "Tannheimer Tal cycle path", for example, traverses the entire holiday region over 20 kilometres, largely without gradients. Important to know: In the pedelec, an electric motor supports the driver's pedal force - it does not replace it. The cyclist's own sporting performance is therefore still in demand; the strength of the electronic aid alone can be adjusted in three different stages. Nobody has to be in a hurry when riding a pedelec or e-bike: The battery of the electric motor reaches up to 100 kilometres.