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Winterbergbahnen inklusive

Skiing, winter hiking or tobogganing - the Tannheimer Tal and Jungholz spoil their guests with ski and snow experiences. In order to be able to fully enjoy them, from 13 January to 30 January 2020 and from 16 to 19 March 2020 there will again be the "Winterbergbahnen inklusive" offer. For holidaymakers who have booked a minimum stay of three nights, mountain lift (skiing lift) tickets are included from Monday to Thursday. This not only benefits skiers, who can visit all areas thanks to the ticket, but also hikers, who can use the mountain railways in Tannheim, Grän, Jungholz and Nesselwängle free of charge.

The press releases, the banners and videos as well as the flyers and the logo can be used here free of charge for advertising in print and online media. Current pictures can be found under the following link - Press pictures TVB Tannheimer Tal.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us - Markus Wagner or Manuela Walk.


- Guests with ski and snowboard equipment as well as tobogganists in Nesselwängle receive a 1-4 day ticket (keycard with chip fee € 2.00) at the respective cable car ticket office, depending on the length of stay.

- Pedestrians do not have to pick up a keycard at the ticket office. You can walk through the turnstile with your Tannheimer Tal Card. 

- In Schattwald, Zöblen and Jungholz only people with ski equipment may be transported - no pedestrians possible.

- The Tannheimer Tal Card remains in the possession of the guest.

Variant electronic guest notification

  1. After sending the journey, the registration form - which must be filed in the guest sheet collection - is printed out as before.
  2. Afterwards you switch to the guest card menu via the button "Produce guest card".
  3. If not already done, the test print must be carried out once to save the print settings.
  4. All registered guests are listed in the "Cards to be produced" menu. These can now be marked and printed on the form for the Tannheimer Tal Card.
  5. No service has to be booked or no card type change has to be carried out.

Variant manual guest notification

  1. Landlords who do NOT report electronically must come to the local information office with the conventional guest card in order to register for each guest in order to issue a Tannheimer Tal Card.
  2. The Tannheimer Tal Card will be issued from Monday, 07.01.2019 at 8 am in Tannheim and Jungholz, from 8.30 am in Grän, Nesselwängle and Schattwald.
  3. In Zöblen the tickets are issued daily from 14 o'clock.
  4. In Jungholz the tickets can be issued on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 13 o'clock.
  5. The price per guest sheet is 10 cents. The guest sheets will be collected and invoiced to the landlord or small amounts will be collected on site.

Pressetext Winterbergbahn inklusive

Logo Winterbergbahnen inklusive

Logo Winterbergbahnen inklusive


Information Special tariff for natives

On behalf of the Bergbahnen Tannheimer Tal and the ski lifts Jungholz we provide the following information:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We would like to remind you of the regulation in force since 2011:

a) Ski pass for locals and employees: Employees (with ID and stamp of the employer) and locals who have their main residence in the Tannheimer Tal receive the 3 hour pass for EUR 12 at the lift ticket offices - as well as the uphill/downhill ride for EUR 12 - provided that a valid ID issued by the respective municipality including photo and stamp is presented at the lift ticket office.

b) Winter mountain railways included: in the calendar week 2, 3, 4 and - in each case from MON-THU - the locals receive a FREE day ticket - > only with valid identity card of the municipality (see a))

c) The attractive CHILDREN'S SEASON CARD, which has been offered to locals since 2008, can be picked up directly at the lift ticket office. - Children 0-5 years EUR 38,-- - Children 6-15 years EUR 58,--

Financial support from the community (EUR 15,-- - EUR 20,--) can be collected directly from the community. Note: "Native children" are those who have their main residence in the Tannheimer Tal; who attend compulsory school in the Tannheimer Tal / Jungholz or in the Talkessel Reutte or present a "native certificate" to the municipality.

d) Beneficiary and free ticket: In the name of the mountain railways in the Tannheimer Tal and the Jungholz ski lifts, we ask for your understanding that a "special ticket" is only possible on presentation of your identity card. Our cashiers are required to do so - it is not possible for us to know every native.

Yours sincerely Wolfgang Moosbrugger