Ayurveda and Yoga Practice Katrin Braito

Grän, Tirol, Österreich


Ayurveda and Yoga Practice Katrin Braito
Oberdorf 11
6673 Grän

Enjoy a little time out in my practice at Haldensee. In warm temperatures, you can be massaged outdoors with a view of the lake and the mountains, if you wish. In cooler weather, treatments take place in my Indian-style massage room.

Ayurveda - The mother of medicine Ayurveda is the traditional Indian medicine, whose roots go back to the third millennium before Christ. The term Ayurveda is composed of "ayus", living and "veda", knowledge. This means "knowledge of life", which corresponds exactly to the principles of traditional Indian medicine: medical teaching and art of living in one. Although medicine plays an important role in Ayurveda, it is not only focused on medicine. Rather, its concepts encompass all aspects of daily life and are applied equally in healthy and sick days.   Ayurveda aims to give more years to life and more life to years.   Thus, Ayurveda offers effective approaches against a number of diseases, in the treatment of which Western medicine has so far been limited. It is not without reason that Ayurveda has meanwhile conquered a firm place between tradition and modernity in this country as well.   Traditionally, Ayurveda is divided into three different therapeutic methods:
Yuktivyapasraya - rational therapies.
Sattvavajaya - psychological therapies
Devavyapashraya - spiritual therapies
 The rational therapies - such as nutritional and herbal therapy, Pancakarma or massage - balance Dosha-balancing and Agni-strengthening the physical and mental balance. Tissue metabolism (Dhatvagni) is optimized and Ojas, our happiness-responsible life and immune force is formed. The psychological therapies remove mental blocks through talk therapy and treat mental illness with the help of special herbal formulations (Medhya Rasayanas) for mental strengthening. The spiritual therapies eliminate subtle disturbing factors with the help of mantra, meditation or rituals.