Fish water Vilsalpsee

Tannheim, Tirol, Österreich


Fish water Vilsalpsee
6675 Tannheim

Fish water Vilsalpsee

The beautiful alpine lake in the nature reserve is not easy to fish, but it is an experience for everyone! Guest ticket fishermen are exempt from the current driving ban (10-17 hrs), and return trips are also permitted at any time.
provisions: fishing is not allowed in the area of the bridge, from the jetty and down the lake outlet (= spawning protection zone)!
Stock: Brook trout, rainbow trout, lake trout, char, perch
Tickets and information: Kofler Reinhold, tobacconist, at the church, Geist 45, Tel. 0043 5675 6266, MO - FR 7.30 - 12 and 14.30 - 18 hrs, SA 7.30 - 12 hrs, info: Tel. 0043 699 100 61843
Only on sundays and public holidays in the restaurant Vilsalpsee, Tel. 0043 5675 6293 (no reservations!)
Permitted withdrawal per day: 4 fish per day with the following minimum sizes: brown and rainbow trout 30cm, char 28cm, lake trout 50cm
rudds, roaches and perches must be removed!
Permitted baits: spoons, flies, bait, live bait prohibited!
Bait fish not originating from the Vilsalpsee may not be used!

1 May to 30 September (from 15.4. in ice-free conditions).

Accessibility / arrival

Directly along the Vilsalpsee

General price information

ticket price per day: € 20,00 (9 guest tickets per day), fishing boat: € 20,00

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