: Does the pig speak Tyrolean?

Zöblen, Tirol, Österreich

This is a past event and therefore not displayed anymore.

There's a lot going on at our farm. There is constant clucking, grunting and bleating. What are the farm animals actually trying to tell us? Are donkeys really stubborn and sheep stupid? Are chickens blind and cats deceitful? Is the pig dirty and the rabbit dumb? On our farm day, we go to eye level with our animals. At various stations we listen to the animals, do tasks and have lots of fun.

Meeting point: Käthrer farm, 6677 Zöblen 17.
Food & drink included.
Pre-registration until 5.00 p.m. the day before
under +43 650 7377199
You can find more adventures on the farm "beim Käthrer"

Farm store "Beim Käthrer
Zöblen 17, 6677 Zöblen

Phone: +43 650 7377199
E-Mail: info(at)hofladen-tannheimertal.at
Web: https://www.hofladen-tannheimertal.at/

  • suitable for children