Tannheimer Tal

Classic 24 hour hike

Tannheim, Tirol, Österreich


Starting place: 6673 Grän
Destination: 6675 Tannheim

Duration:24 hours
Length: 39,602 km
Altitude difference (uphill): 2727 m
Altitude difference (downhill): 3373 m

Lowest point: 1077 m
Highest point: 1986 m
Panoramic view: Dreamtour
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Short description:
Joy, sweat and pain - ingredients of a successful hike

Technique: *****

Quality of experience: ******

Recommended season:

  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October


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  • Refreshment stops available
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There are several dates for the "Classic 24 hours hike" in the Tannheimer Tal. Friday afternoon is meeting point at the building of the tourist information in Tannheim/Tyrol. The guides will make a presence check, hand out drinks, fruit and bars. To the astonishment of all participants, rockfall helmets will be distributed. Rain jackets, rucksacks and headlamps can also be borrowed.

The bus, which takes the participants to the cable car in Grän, arrives according to plan. The group gets on board - each one with his or her personal ideas of this hike. In the best way organized everyone gets a mountain map of the Füssener Jöchle Bahn in Grän. At the top station the "front guide" briefly explains the schedule for the coming day and asks his colleague to act as "back guide". The route goes over the Raintaler Joch in the direction of the Füssener Hütte. In between, information about the further way. Before entering the Nesselwängler Scharte there is a short rest. The path is moderately steep, first through forest, later through mountain pines and further up only grass-covered rocks. Now we are asked to put on our helmets. "There is a short climbing passage and you have to expect falling rocks", so the words of the guide. Rope protections on the rocks help us to overcome the most difficult parts. This way we reach the Nesselwängler Scharte. The way down is then easier again and around 18.00 hrs there is dinner in the Gimpelhaus. Strengthened, equipped with a packed lunch, we pass the Tannheimer Hütte into the night. A group of people with headlamps continues, like a row of fireflies, to the Hahnenkamm. Deer roar, cow bells ring, but otherwise it is quite quiet. Some are talking, but everyone is concentrating on the path. Once again the helmet may be put on. Climbing passage, well secured, up to the Gaichtspitze. Shortly before midnight we stand at the summit cross. The atmosphere is still very good. Now the long descent down to Gaicht follows. Nearly 900 meters of altitude downhill in one piece. Below there is a longer rest again. The guide conjures drinks, bars and fruit from his small camp. We can hand in our helmets now. Since it is already relatively cool, we decide to go on. On the Dillinger Weg we go into the Birkental. It's a pity that it's dark now, because this valley also has a lot to offer optically. After a short rest at the 'Höflishütte' we continue our way. The path is slightly ascending and easy to walk on. The guides try to keep the mood good. At the end of the birch valley it gets a little steeper. The day begins to dawn and the silhouette of the mountain ranges slowly emerges in the night sky. On the Lachenjoch you can admire the sunrise. As it is still relatively cool, the descent for breakfast in the Landsberger Hütte is immediate. Strengthened we start the last part of the tour. Warm sunshine accompanies us up to the Kastenjoch. The path is beautiful with a slight uphill and downhill section, with a view of the Alplsee, to the Kirchendachsattel. Arrived on the saddle we see the Schrecksee. After a rest, the trail continues along the flank of the Knappenkopf and the Kugelhorn towards the Rauhorn. Over the Schafwanne we reach the opposite side of the saddle and then below the Rauhorn. Continue towards the Geißhorn and descend to the Vilsalpsee. The legs are already heavy, but the end of the hike makes the path to the beginning of the lake seem easy. With the Alpenexpress, a bell train on wheels, we drive back to Tannheim to the starting point and can be proud of what we have experienced.

This hike is only recommended. Anyone who meets the requirements of Mammut Alpineschool will certainly enjoy the tour.Fitness and sure-footedness should be present, but the guides are very competent and make a pleasant pace.Impressions from the participants: He says: "Watch out, the path is wet". They: "What little things you pay attention to".A young couple. She says to him: "Shall I tie my shoes tighter?", he replies: "You have to know how tight you want your shoes to be. Then she again: "They are already too tight".It is midnight and we are standing at the top of the Gaichtspitze. A woman notices that the view up here is just great.One even says that the silence is audible.Only good that the guides know the route and don't go after the "Navi". (For insiders: There is also a Tannheim near Memmingen).

Safety guidelines:

General valid and usual rules of conduct!

Please note that there is an increased risk of accidents and injuries in mountain sports. Despite careful route planning, a basic risk always remains. Tour preparation through endurance sports, appropriate technical training and further education as well as personal prudence reduces the risk of accidents and injuries. But please never forget that the weather in the mountains can change very quickly. Stay on the marked hiking trails.

Personal mountaineering equipment must be safe and serviceable and must meet the relevant technical standards. Every hiker is recommended to obtain information about the planned tours from alpine technical literature or on site.

Additional information:
Tourism Tannheimer Tal
Starting point: Tannheim, tourism building
Destination: Tannheim, tourism building
Accessibility / arrival

Getting there
On the motorway A7 at the exit "Oy-Mittelberg" on the B310 towards Wertach and to Oberjoch. There follow the signposting "Tannheimer Tal" B199, exit Tannheim, Neunerköpfle mountain railway.From the Tyrolean side via Reutte on the B198 towards Lechtal to Weißenbach, over the Gaichtpass along the B199 to the exit Tannheim, Neunerköpfle Bergbahn.

Public Transit
By train to Sonthofen, Pfronten/Ried or Reutte, then by bus to Tannheim.

At the valley station of the Neunerköpfle cable car - with costs

Most economical season:
  • Summer
  • Autumn
Classic 24 hour hike
Informationsbüro Tannheim
Vilsalpseestraße 1
6675 Tannheim