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Valley holiday - Needum in the tirolean Tannheimer Tal

Residents celebrate their valley holiday on September 17

An entire valley celebrates its salvation

Every year on September 17, the people of the valley commemorate an event from the year 1796, when their ancestors succeeded in repelling the attacking French and thus saved the valley from great harm. The festive service in the Tannheim parish church begins at 9.00 am. Incidentally, the parish church is the second largest in the diocese of Innsbruck. 
The locals fondly remember the three glorious rifle companies commanded by Captains Ferdinand Tauscher, Alois Tauscher and Lorenz Peintner, who put the French to flight on the Oberjoch - straight into the arms of the Austrian military, which had meanwhile moved up from behind. 

Parade at the Valley Holiday in the Tannheimer Tal on 17 September
Parade of marksmen at the valley holiday on September 17 in the Tannheimer Tal