Aussicht ins frühlingshafte Tannheimer Tal, Tirol Aussicht ins frühlingshafte Tannheimer Tal, Tirol Aussicht ins frühlingshafte Tannheimer Tal, Tirol

Valley holiday - Needum in the tirolean Tannheimer Tal

Residents celebrate their valley holiday on 17th of September

An entire valley celebrates its salvation

Every year on 17th of September, the people in the valley commemorate an event from 1796, when their ancestors managed to ward off the attacking French and thus save the valley from great disaster. The celebration begins early at 9.00 a.m.: marksmen, bands, delegations, altar boys, priests and the local population move into the parish church of Tannheim for the festive service - by the way, it is the second largest in the diocese of Innsbruck. One hour later, the sacramental procession begins, at the end of which a wreath is laid to commemorate the victims of the wars. After the official part, a morning pint begins at 11.00 a.m. on the fairground. Music, dance, entertainment and culinary delights from the region will be on offer until late into the evening - and there will always be an opportunity to learn more about the history of the Tannheimer Valley.

The inhabitants remember with pleasure the three glorious shooting companies, which were commanded by the captains Ferdinand Tauscher, Alois Tauscher and Lorenz Peintner and which forced the French to flee on the Oberjoch - directly into the arms of the Austrian military, which had moved in the meantime from behind. The impressive "Huanza" army is also said to have contributed to the victory. "Huanza" are wooden poles for drying hay. Women and children had set them up in a row to give the impression of other military men being ready to go.

Umzug beim Talfeiertag im Tannheimer Tal am 17. Setember
Umzug der Schützen beim Talfeiertag am 17. September im Tannheimer Tal