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International Ballonfestival Tannheimer Tal

International Ballonfestival Tannheimer Tal

January 12 to February 1, 2025

The gentle flying giants delight the spectators with their bright colours until they are only recognizable as small dots on the horizon. How far the hot-air balloon ride goes depends on factors such as the weather and, above all, the wind. With good conditions, a panoramic trip into the Allgäu, over Neuschwanstein Castle or even across the Alps is possible. Once in a hot-air balloon ride and see the landscape from above, that's what many people want. This dream can come true at the International Balloon Festival. The passengers can travel to airy heights together with the pilots of the balloons. 

The day before the flight, interested parties should call the organizing team around organizer Rudi Höfer to find out about the weather and whether the flight is taking place. On the morning of the balloon flight, the passengers will meet at 10.30 a.m. at the take-off point where they will be assigned to the respective pilots. Afterwards the basket with burner and instruments is set up together and the balloon is made ready for take off. After landing, the balloon is packed and stowed in the trailer of the pursuer vehicle.

You can register for the flights directly at the tourist information in Tannheim, Vilsalpseestraße 1, 6675.  The price for a ride is 290 Euro per person.
Information about the balloon festival can be obtained from Rudi Höfer at +43 (676) 9 49 02 50.

Heißluftballons starten im Tannheimer Tal

Insider tip for romantics: the balloon glow

At least as impressive as the flights is the traditional balloon glow for balloonists and spectators.
The atmosphere when the balloons are made ready for takeoff in the dark winter night and the flames create a fascinating play of lights is indescribably intense.

Colorful hot air balloons take off in the Tannheimer Tal
Hot air balloon over the snow-covered Tannheimer Tal