View of the springtime Tannheimer Tal, Tyrol View of the springtime Tannheimer Tal, Tyrol View of the springtime Tannheimer Tal, Tyrol

Almabtrieb in the Tannheimer Tal

Colourful Almabtriebe in the Tannheimer Tal

Cows and young cattle return to their stables from the summer alpine pastures

Customs and history can be found everywhere in the Tannheimer Tal: A tradition that is known far beyond the borders of the valley and takes place every year in autumn is the Almabtrieb. At the end of summer, the cows return from the alp to the valley. And this downforce is a festive procession. An impressive spectacle that attracts many interested people to the "most beautiful high valley in Europe".

Only when all the animals of a mountain pasture have returned healthy and complete from the alpine summer are they decorated for their return to the valley: wreaths of fir green, colourful ribbons, bells, mirrors and alpine flowers adorn the cows. Depending on the number of animals that an alpine dairyman looked after during the summer, the loving beautification takes up to five hours.
The Almabtrieb in Tannheim is one of the most magnificent in the entire region. Up to 700 cows and young animals return from the six Tannheimer Alps to the Tyrolean village, accompanied by traditional music and the admiring views of the locals and guests. The animals deserve the honour: on their descent they climb up to 1,000 metres - and are highly concentrated so as not to injure themselves.

The Viehscheid in Jungholz and the Almabtriebe in Nesselwängle, Tannheim and Schattwald have already been canceled! In the village of Grän the decision is still pending.

Many cows and spectators at the Almabtrieb in Tannheim in the Tannheimer Tal
Herdsman and decorated cow return to the Tannheimer Tal after the alpine summer