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Evs 51 Optimisation of sports and leisure infrastructure

The small-scale project serves as a basis for long-term cross-border cooperation between stakeholders in the field of tourist sports and leisure infrastructure.

The market town of Bad Hindelang and the Tannheim Valley form a cross-border experience area across the border between the Allgäu and the Tannheim Hochtal on the Tyrolean side, which as a popular holiday destination and much-visited local recreation area has a high tourism intensity in summer and winter. Against the background of partial signs of congestion in some parts of the hiking region as well as the increasing importance of non-Alpine winter sports activities and winter hiking activities, it is now necessary to examine possible optimisations of the tourist sports and leisure infrastructure and to identify and launch concrete (joint) projects within the framework of a cross-border infrastructure development concept. The content of the project is therefore the elaboration of this infrastructure development concept with the local stakeholders and with the help of an external service provider. With the joint concept, Bad Hindelang and the Tannheimer Tal would like to further raise their profile and attractiveness as a cross-border experience area.

Leadpartner: Tourismusverband Tannheimer Tal

Project partner: Markt Bad Hindelang

Support programme: Interreg Kleinprojekte

Project costs: € 25.000,--

Funding rate: 75%

The project was approved by the Regional Steering Committee on 14.12.2020 with a duration from 15.12.2020 to 30.06.2022.