Residence tax

The residence tax

  • What is the tourist tax per person? 
    With 01 May 2022 the tourist tax has been increased to € 2.50 per person per night. (Prices are subject to change)
    Children up to the age of 15 are exempt from the visitor's tax. (free until vintage 2008, obligatory from vintage 2007 - 01.01.2023)
  • Who is liable to pay duty? 
    All overnight stays in Tyrol are taxable in 
    - Accommodation establishments and 
    - In leisure residences that are not or not only left to changing guests. 
    The obligation to pay begins with the first and ends with the last overnight stay.
  • Are disabled people with IDs excluded? 
    According to the Tyrolean Tourism Act, (severely) disabled persons unfortunately cannot be exempted from the tourist tax. 
  • Exceptions to the obligation to pay taxes: 
    - In the context of curricular events of public schools, colleges, universities (school confirmation) 
    - overnight stays by persons until the end of the calendar year in which they reach the age of 15 
    - Overnight stays by relatives (up to sibling) 
    - Overnight stays in the context of gainful employment, provided that the uninterrupted stay lasts more than ten overnight stays (e.g. workers, film-makers, tour guides, bus drivers, representatives, etc.). They may only be exempted from the residence tax if the duration of their stay exceeds ten nights.)