Nature reserve Vilsalpsee

Questions and answers: The Vilsalpsee

  • Which way to the Vilsalpsee and how long does it take?
    From the centre of Tannheim, the trail leads south for approx. 4 km to Vilsalpsee. On foot you walk 1 hour to the front shore of the lake. Bus and Tannheimer Alpenexpress (both only run in summer) take about 10 - 15 minutes. By car it takes about 10 minutes.
  • How do you get to Vilsalpsee?
    By car: 
    The Vilsalpsee lies in the middle of a nature reserve, which is why the entrance for the general traffic is limited. Between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. there is an absolute ban on general traffic. If you drove to Vilsalpsee by car before 10 a.m., you may of course return at any time. 

By bus, subject to a charge (only in the summer season*): 
Departure at the Tannheim roundabout stop.
Adults € 3,80*.
Child € 1,90*
Children up to the age of 6 are free. 
Please note that this line is not included in the guest card! 
*Prices subject to change without notice 

With the Tannheimer Alpenexpress, subject to a charge (only during peak season*): 
Departure at the stop next to the Tourist Information Tannheim an der Straße. 
Departure times according to the indicated time at the stop!
Single trip adults € 3,50* children € 2,30*
Return journey adults € 5,00* children € 3,00*
Single family (2 adults, 2 children) € 10.30*
Family return (2 adults, 2 children) € 14.70*
Children up to the age of 3 travel free of charge. 
Ticket sales: directly on the train
*Prices subject to change without notice   

With the horse-drawn carriage: 
Horse-drawn carriages are only available on request! 
Information and registration: 
- Family Kleiner, Tannheim, Tel.: +43 676 60 66 852, 
- Lechweghof, Tannheim, Tel.: +43 676 77 29 145,
- Andy Rief, Grän, Tel.: +43 676 54 27 900,

On foot/by bike:
A beautiful foot and cycle path leads directly to the Vilsalpsee.

*Peak seasons:
Summer: approx. May to October
Winter: approx. end of December to Easter
Outside the high season there is no shuttle service to Vilsalpsee (except horse-drawn carriages on request)!


  • Timetable of bus and Alpenexpress?
    The bus to Vilsalpsee runs according to the timetable, which is available at all information offices. (The bus only runs in the summer months!)
    Tannheimer Alpenexpress - departure times according to the indicated time at the bus stop!
  • Walk around the lake, is that possible? 
    Unfortunately, no, due to a previous rockfall in 2012, a section of the eastern shore of the lake had to be closed. There is still a considerable risk of rockfall, which is why it is not possible to circumnavigate the lake. 
    In winter, the winter hiking trail ends at the front of the lake at the two restaurants.
  • Is the path Vilsalpsee - Landsberger Hütte open again?
    The hiking trail no. 425 Vilsalpsee - Traualpsee - Landsberger Hütte is open again! 
  • Refreshments at the Vilsalpsee? 
    Restaurant Vilsalpsee 
    Warm kitchen from 11 - 20 o'clock, no rest day 
    changed operating times during the low season 

    Fischerstube at the Vilsalpsee 
    Warm kitchen from 11 - 17 o'clock, Monday rest day
    changed operating times during the low season 

    Open during the summer months
  • Ice skating on the Vilsalpsee? 
    Ice skating on the Vilsalpsee is not possible!
  • Which sports are allowed on/in the Vilsalpsee?

In the water:

Stand Up Paddling: PROHIBITED

Under water:

Scuba diving: PROHIBITED



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