Tannheimer Tal

Tourist information Tannheimer Tal - Nesselwängle/Haller/Rau

Nesselwängle, Tirol, Österreich


Tourist information Tannheimer Tal - Nesselwängle/Haller/Rau
HNr. 74
6672 Nesselwängle

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Welcome to the "most beautiful high valley in Europe"

 The Tannheimer Tal combines nature and culture in a magnificent mountain world, where sport and pleasure, experience and discovery are very close to each other.

It was only two or three generations ago that far-sighted minds from our valley got together to found a "beautification association". They wanted to lay the foundations for guests to feel at home here and enjoy the beauty of the mountains and nature. What is nowadays the task of a tourism association was a revolutionary idea and a groundbreaking innovation 100 years ago. It changed the valley and at the same time saved it from being overrun by changes made by others. Preserving, maintaining, developing and shaping - together with our guests, we have succeeded in making the Tannheimer Tal a valued vacation destination that is a welcome destination in every season and for every age group, for solo travelers, couples and families.

Wednesday from 8.30 a.m. till 12 p.m.

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