Naturopathy practice Anneliese Hummel

Grän, Tirol, Österreich


Naturopathy practice Anneliese Hummel
Dorfstraße 19
6673 Grän

My motto:

More of life!! It's time, now!

Discover your possibilities, take your life in your hands and decide for an all-round solution for a better and well-lived life.

Do you want to feel good?

Whether you feel good depends only on yourself! Neither from your partner, nor from your work, your bank account, not even from the condition of your body!

Rather it is:

Your inner attitude,

your innate potential,

your harmony with yourself,

that shape your life!

and my goal is: to track down, experience and experience these inner treasures and your life force with you.

Only your own deep experience can bring lasting changes into your life.

The future begins now..
The popular saying goes that we hold the future in our own hands. And he is right. We create tomorrow's health and well-being today.