General terms & conditions

Owner and operator of the indoor playground „Kletter & Bouldertreff“ is the Tourismusverband Tannheimer Tal, Vilsalpseestr. 1,6675 Tannheim (www. tannheimertal.com)

The term users refers to both sexes (women and men) and underage persons. Guests, spectators or other persons, without active use of the indoor playground, are also subject to the hall regulations and the applicable regulations and provisions. 

The indoor climbing area "Kletter & Bouldertreff" includes all areas: entrance, foyer, wardrobe and sanitary facilities, stairs and climbing area.
The term climbing area is intended to mean those areas of the facility which are intended for active use.

The notice with the general business term and the hall rules is located in the entrance area and contains the essential information for the use of the indoor climbing area. Further information can be found on the website www.tannheimertal.com. Each user has to inform himself in advance about the terms and conditions and the hall rules and confirms with the purchase of the ticket the notice of these rules & conditions.


General business terms


1 General

Prerequisite for the use of the Climbing & Bouldering facility is the registration by means of truthfully filled out registration form (as download or to be filled out on site when buying a ticket). By signing this registration form and paying the entrance fee, a contractual relationship becomes legally valid between you as the user and the operator. The terms are a component of this contract. We reserve the right to change them. You can find the current valid terms and conditions or hall regulations on the website www.bouldertreff.tirol or on the notice board in the entrance area of the climbing hall.


Prerequisite for the use of "Kletter & Bouldertreff" is the purchase of a ticket. By paying the entrance fee, a contractual relationship between you and the operator becomes legally valid. The terms and conditions are an integral part of this contract. We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions. You can find the currently valid general terms and conditions and hall regulations on the website www.tannheimertal.com or on the notice board in the entrance area.


The use of the climbing & bouldering facility is subject to a fee. The prices are given in the current price list. Use is only permitted with a valid admission ticket, a completed and signed registration form, knowledge of the General Terms and Conditions and the hall regulations. This must be presented as proof during the entire stay in the Climbing & Bouldering facility. Anyone who is found in the Climbing & Bouldering facilities without a valid admission ticket has to reckon with corresponding consequences - such as a reprimand or an advertisement. All tickets are not transferable to other persons.

Lockers are available for free use in the cloakrooms. The locker key may not be taken when leaving the boulder hall!


Personal responsibility, risks and liability

Climbing and the stay in the climbing and bouldering facility is at your own risk and responsibility! With the registration and the signature each user submits to the observance of the terms and the hall regulations.

Bouldering involves an incalculable residual risk and requires a high degree of personal responsibility and mutual consideration. It is also associated with injury risks, which cannot be completely eliminated by the operator, even if all rules are observed and great care is taken by the user.

The bouldering as well as the mocking require an appropriate degree of concentration, the stay in the fall area (mats) is to be kept free, apart from the spotting.
Every user must be aware of the risk of injury in the event of a fall. Every user is obliged to inform himself about further safety precautions, which cannot be covered by these General Terms and Conditions or the hall regulations, and to follow the corresponding instructions.
Bouldering without a spotter is generally permitted if the user is aware of the increased risks in the event of a fall. In this case, the operators explicitly reject liability in the event of an accident. Other users of the system are requested to rebuke guilty persons or to report to the personnel.

Toprope climbing (front area)

No liability is assumed for accidents. Toprope climbing involves an incalculable residual risk and requires a high degree of personal responsibility and mutual consideration. It is also associated with injury risks, which cannot be completely eliminated by the operator, even if all rules are observed and great care is taken by the user.

For the ascent or descent area it is essential to familiarise yourself with the necessary equipment (safety equipment, rope, climbing harness, etc.).

The equipment must comply with the standards (CE standard, UIAA standard). ATTENTION the manufacturer's period of use must be observed.

Carabiners and lockable parts must be locked or locked.

Climbing is only allowed with a rope safety device. Climbing without a rope is not permitted.

All express slings must be hooked in. ATTENTION Handles can turn or break.

Barefoot climbing and climbing with street shoes is not permitted for hygienic reasons. A partner check should be carried out before every start, the constant control of the climbing partners is a fundamental component in climbing sport and helps to avoid accidents. Furthermore, the belayer needs full concentration to protect his partner optimally.

Climbing on top of each other is strictly forbidden.

When staying in the climbing area, the fall zone must be observed (pendulum fall).

Toprope climbing on intermediate safety devices is not permitted.

It is strictly forbidden to move/attach handles or securing points on your own. Loose grips or defects must be reported to the supervising person or the operator.

Use of the "Topas" self-locking device is at your own risk.

Hooking two ropes into a karabiner is strictly prohibited (rope break due to fusion burning).

The wearing of jewellery or other loose objects is prohibited. Open hair must be tied together.

The operators disclaim any liability for wardrobe and valuables as well as for personal injury and property damage. This also applies to items stored in lockable wardrobes and lockers, in particular valuables.

Anyone who causes damage or injures persons must bear the consequences themselves. The operators assume no liability for this. The user undertakes to indemnify the bouldering facility from all damages of any kind caused directly or indirectly by him in the course of use. Damages have to be reported to the employees of the boulder hall without being asked.

The Kletter & Bouldertreff represented by its organs, vicarious agents and other personnel are only liable in cases of damage caused by intentional or grossly negligent behaviour.

Handles and kicks

The alteration of handles and kicks is not permitted without the consent of the personnel. Loose structures and other defects in the climbing and bouldering facilities must be reported to the staff immediately.
Every user is aware of the risk that handles and kicks can turn under load and break in extreme cases. The user bears all risks in this respect.

The attachment of markings by tape, chalk etc. is not permitted.

Use by minors

Minors from the age of 14 until the age of 18 may use the Climbing & Bouldering facilities independently, provided that the parent or guardian gives his consent in writing on the registration form.
Persons under the age of 14 (minors or children) may only stay at the Climbing & Bouldering facility if accompanied or supervised by an adult. The adult is responsible for the minor and must ensure that bouldering takes place only in the area of the Climbing & Bouldering facility that corresponds to the respective knowledge and skills. The operator declines any responsibility for this. Particularly when bouldering at great heights, the danger of falling must be taken into account and spotted if necessary. The hall personnel may expel minors and accompanying persons who act negligently from the hall. The stay on the mats is only allowed for bouldering, any running around and playing is forbidden.

A separate registration form must be completed for both the minor and the adult. Employees are free to check the minor's climbing skills if necessary and to restrict them to certain areas of the climbing and bouldering facility. The adult accompanying the minor bears full responsibility for any personal injury or damage to property caused by the minor.

Groups and courses

The "Kletter & Bouldertreff doesn't offer any coures at the moment.

The leader of a group bears full responsibility for his participants. The reservation of walls or sectors is not allowed. Groups behave calm and considerate towards other guests.


When entering the Climbing & Bouldering facility, the staff must be presented with the subscription or an entrance ticket without being asked to do so. The valid admission ticket must be kept at the Climbing & Bouldering facility for the entire duration of the stay. The staff reserves the right to carry out spot checks. Safety and other instructions of the staff must always be followed; otherwise the use of the facility (without reimbursement of the entrance fee) can be prohibited.

In the event of vandalism or theft, the staff is obliged to report the guilty person to the police.

Climbing facility

It may only be removed from the wall in the areas provided for this purpose. After getting out, this area must be left immediately. Do not stay on the wall cover for walls without exit.

For boulder construction and revisions parts of the facility can be inaccessible, for events and competitions even the whole facility can be closed for normal bouldering. In any case, a total closure will be announced in advance. In these cases there is no entitlement to a refund for holders of subscriptions.

Order & Hygiene

The entire climbing and bouldering facility including sanitary facilities and cloakrooms must be kept clean. Shoes (sneakers, flip-flops, climbing shoes...) must always be worn in the climbing & bouldering facility. Bouldering is only allowed in clean climbing shoes or indoor sneakers. Magnesium may not be carried along when bouldering, but must be deposited at the edge of the mat.

Telephoning or listening to music with headphones is not permitted when bouldering or mocking.

The consumption of food is only allowed in the designated area, not on the mats. It is strictly forbidden to carry or consume drinks in the climbing and bouldering facility. No glass in the climbing and bouldering facility!

For the sake of order, valuables and bags are not to be carried along during bouldering, but to be deposited in the existing lockers and lockers.

Smoking, alcohol and drugs

There is a general smoking ban in the climbing and bouldering area. The use under influence of alcohol and drugs is not allowed!

allergy sufferers

In the Climbing & Bouldering facility an increased fine dust load can prevail due to the magnesium used in the air. Allergy sufferers must take appropriate or preventive measures. In case of problems the Climbing & Bouldering facility has to be left immediately.

privacy statement

The user agrees that the data collected in the registration form may be used for the purpose of contract fulfillment and internal marketing purposes. Furthermore, the user agrees to accept electronic mail received at the electronic mail address provided by him in the case of direct marketing. This consent can be revoked at any time by sending an e-mail to info(at)tannheimertal.com.

Consent Pictures and films

The user agrees that pictures/films made in the Climbing & Boulder Facility may be used for advertising and presentation purposes by employees or third parties, even without his knowledge and naming of his name. The user waives any claims according to § 78 copyright law. This consent may be revoked at any time by sending an e-mail to info(at)tannheimertal.com .

Exclusion of users

In case of violation of the General Terms and Conditions or the hall regulations, employees of the Climbing & Bouldering facility have the right to expel users of the Climbing & Bouldering facility. In the event of repeated violations of the General Terms and Conditions, the hall regulations or non-compliance with the instructions of the employees, a permanent ban can be imposed on the user. In both cases there will be no refund of the price of tickets of any kind already purchased. Annual or day tickets will be cancelled.

Refund of admission tickets

It is not possible to refund the money for annual tickets in the event of injury or permanent illness (presentation of a medical certificate). In this case, the validity of the Annual Pass will be extended or adapted to another period. This regulation does not apply to day tickets.
Annual tickets must be personalised and cannot be used by more than one person!

place of jurisdiction

The district court of Reutte is responsible for all disputes between the user and the operator. Austrian law applies.