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  • Der Vilsalpsee im Tannheimer Tal
Tourismusverband Tannheimer Tal

On the go at the Vilsalpsee in the Tannheim Valley

A deep-blue lake in a nature reserve surrounded by mountains - a walk to the Vilsalpsee is one of the most beautiful excursions in the Tannheim Valley. The special thing about it is that the path to the Vilsalpsee is suitable for inexperienced hikers and families with small children and even strollers. From Tannheim, a paved road leads first to the south. After about 2.5 kilometers, it heads into the shaded forest, over a small bridge and continues along the Vils stream to the shore of the lake. This offers the first view of the Vilsalpsee embedded in its spectacular mountain panorama. The flat trail on along the lakeshore leads to the Vilsalpe, an alpine pasture, and takes about 30 minutes past green sloping meadows, towering mountains and the impressive 400-meter high Berggaicht waterfall at the end of the valley. After a snack at the Vilsalpe for fortitude, the wanderers can then make their way back. Along the way, stop and sit in one of the numerous meadows and take in the sun, or jump into the lake to cool off. For those who are tired after the 60-minute walk to the lake, the motorized tram "Alpine Express", a horse-drawn carriage or a bus await to take you back to Tannheim.



Closure of the Vilsalpsee Eastern Shore


Dear guests and hikers,

We refer here to the letter of the Municipality of Tannheim concerning the roadblock of the entire eastern shore road in the Vilsalpsee nature reserve. There is no access to this side of the lake shore due to dangerous falling rocks and mudslides.


Gemeinde Tannheim closure of eastern shore road at the Vilsalpsee

For private cars, the access is permitted only in the morning until 10 am and in the afternoon after 5 pm


The 16-sq. km large nature reserve and bird sanctuary offers an extremely rare variety of species for Central Europe. Even the flora includes more than 700 plants, some of them very rare. And many of the animals around the Vilsalpsee, like the Alpine salamander and earth toad, are already elsewhere threatened with extinction. In order to keep the reserve protected, there are "rules" in it which can be found summarized on our information sheet.