Snowy kids playgrounds

Ski areas cause excitement

Mammoth and saber-tooth - ICE AGE Kinderland in Tannheim

The ICE AGE Kinderland may not be as huge as an ice age glacier, but the snow park inspired by the film of the same name covers 10,000 square metres and is home to mammoth, cave bear, sabre-toothed tiger and many more. This is less about the film heroes than about the animals that lived in the Tannheimer Tal in icy times. 


Children learn to ski in the ski schools
Children having fun skiing

Snow fans strong as bears - The N'Ice Bear Kinderland in Jungholz

Where kids get going, parents can stay cool: The "Bischlag" and "Adler" lifts have a particularly low entrance and the brackets only open automatically at the top station. At the top, the huge "N'Ice Bear" playfully takes you into the world of snow. The Jungholz ski resort invested in 40 snow cannons. On the Wonder Carpet conveyor belt, the youngsters can then train their balance and safety with skis before going onto the piste. Here, a slalom, giant slalom and wave snow downhill run awaits the little crack skiers. For a relaxed après-ski or just in between, the warmth of the fairytale igloos and a Sioux village will tempt you. 
The "N´Ice Bear Onkel" is always the right contact if parents don't know what to do. In addition to light bulbs and plasters, his storage box also contains handkerchiefs, diapers, drinks, sweets and gummy bears. All kids can strengths itself at the picnic station or on the sun island with beach chairs.  First attempts at walking - ideal in Snow Learnland. The Snow Learnland in Jungholz is also fun, which is mainly due to the gentle gradient. The ideal place to make your first steps on skis or snowboards.  

The very young learn to ski in the Tyrolean high valley
Children learn how to lift on the magic carpet in the Tannheimer Tal

Snow goblins - Pumucklhang in Zöblen/Schattwald
Baby slope was yesterday. An exciting course and a ski carousel are the highlights on the Pumucklhang in Zöblen.  

Skiing with Frau Holle - On the fairytale meadow in Grän
Simply on the boards like a fairy tale: in Grän, the very young play to their heart's content on a flat slope and familiarise themselves with the snow on a wave or slide, among other things. The support is provided by well-known fairy tale characters such as Frau Holle or Snow White.

Overview of a snow-covered ski children's area in the Tannheimer Tal, Tyrol
Family playing in the snow in the tyrolean high valley