Hiking trails in the Tannheimer Tal, Tyrol Hiking trails in the Tannheimer Tal, Tyrol Hiking trails in the Tannheimer Tal, Tyrol

The Tanni Children´s club

Kids programm

from 12 July to 10 September 2021

We offer a children's and family programme in a modified form. The weekly programme takes place from Tuesday to Friday from 12 July to 10 September 2021. Registration always takes place directly with the respective organiser at the times indicated. Pre-registration is very important due to the limited number of participants. You can register either by telephone or by e-mail. You will find all the information you need to register on the respective day.

Tanni's kids club remains closed due to the prescribed hygiene measures!

Bike adventure


Through playful elements and on the course, children learn the basics of biking: Balance, dexterity and coordination are practised with ease. There are lots of challenges to master, new movements to experience and everyone can test their own limits. A bike experience day for children aged 6-16. Please state your height when registering. Protective equipment and bike are provided!
Duration: 11.00 - 15.00 o'clock
Costs: Euro 15,00
Meeting place: Bikeschule Alpstern, 6677 Schattwald
Bring your own snack and drink
Pre-registration until 17.00 the day before
at +43 650 3101802 or info(at)alpstern.net

If you would like more information about biking, then take a look at our homepage in the Bikeschule Alpstern.

Family day with Kasimir Kräutermandl


Kasimir the herb man is a real one-off with his grey beard. He almost always knows which little herb is good for which little ache. And what he doesn't know, herbalist Cornelia tells us on a hike in Jungholz. The children are allowed to visit Kasimir's herb workshop, where there is a lot to discover and explore. See for yourself what they can make and craft. Everything is homemade, mmh, that tastes good.

Duration: 11.00 - 15.00 l'clock
Cost: Euro 15,00
Meeting point: Municipal officet 6691 Jungholz (near
lift parking); Bring your own snack and drink
Pre-registration until 17.00 the day before
at +43 664 73922906 or cornelia.lochbihler(at)gmx.at

Does the pig speak Tyrolean?


There's a lot going on at our farm. There is constant clucking, grunting and bleating. What are the farm animals actually trying to tell us? Are donkeys really stubborn and sheep stupid? Are chickens blind and cats deceitful? Is the pig dirty and the rabbit dumb? On our farm day, we go to eye level with our animals. At various stations we listen to the animals, do tasks and have lots of fun.

Duration: 10.00 - 14.00 o'clock
Duration: Euro 15,00
Meeting point: Käthrer farm, 6677 Zöblen 17
Food & drink included.
Pre-registration until 17.00 the day before
at +43 650 7377199

You can find more adventures on our farm "beim Käthrer"

Flying high in the forest ropes course


The Tannheimer Tal climbing forest is a fantastic adventure paradise for children. The beautifully situated high ropes course at the foot of the Krinnenspitze is convincing with various courses in all degrees of difficulty and thus offers the right challenge for everyone. The team will be happy to guide you through the climbing forest with tips and tricks. You should be between 6-12 years old and at least 1.20 m tall.

Duration: 14.00 - 17.00 Uhr
Costs: Euro 15,00
Meeting point: Climbing forest, 6672 Nesselwängle
Bring your own snack and drink.
Pre-registration until the day before 3.00 p.m.
at +43 670 604 33 56

You can find more information about our climbing forest and offers in the Kletterwald Tannheimer Tal