Wanderwege im Tannheimer Tal, Tirol Wanderwege im Tannheimer Tal, Tirol Wanderwege im Tannheimer Tal, Tirol

The Tanni Children´s club

The Tanni Children´s club

Dear children

also we caretakers are looking forward to more adventures from Wendelin Wasserfloh and Tanni in summer 2019.
Be there too, when the Tanni Children's Club will continue in summer 2020 with eventful holiday days....

Tanni is looking forward to your coming!


Finally! Today is the day! Biene Line is very nervous. "Does the hat fit properly?" asks the busy honeybee. Everything must be perfect for her first trip as a honey collector. After Biene Line has been building combs, taking care of the baby bees and guarding the beehive for the last few days, today she is allowed to go in search of colourful flowers on the Tyrolean meadows for the first time. Slowly, with slightly wobbly feet, Biene Line crawls forward with the others and a little later she is already standing at the exit of the hive. She looks around. The sun is shining and she stretches out her four wings. Line checks her six legs once more and straightens her red hat. "Today I want to be very pretty," mumbles the little bee.

One of her colleagues is just coming back from a flight. She lands next to Biene Line and starts dancing. So she shows all other honey collectors the way to the next food source. Biene Line has understood in which direction she has to fly. "Yippee, here we go", she calls and takes off. And also her friends fly off.

"If I'm out here now, I want to see where I live, too," decides Biene Line and flies around her beehive. "Everything is much bigger inside", she thinks to herself and sees a huge tree in front of her. "I must go up there, I am sure I can see everything even better from up there!" Said, done. Biene Line flies past the branches and twigs and up she goes. "Wow, it's beautiful! The mountains, the meadows and all the flowers!"


At this moment Biene Line remembers that she actually has to collect nectar. Uand so she flies quickly to the meadow without detour. Bee Line flies from flower to flower, takes the sweet nectar and grabs the pollen on its hind legs. On her first flight she wants to do everything right, of course. After all, she has already lost a little time. So she flies from the bellflower to the forget-me-not, on to the gentian and finally to the alpine rose. "Oh how beautiful," says Biene Line, "the many large flowers here are brimming with nectar!" Line is totally happy!

Then she notices that she's out here all alone. "Where are the others?" she asks herself and shouts out: "Hello, is there anyone else?" Because no one answers her, she gets very queasy. "I've already lost sight of them, how I made my rounds around the beehive!", she realizes. At that moment Biene Line gets scared. She is not used to being alone and decides to fly home again. Then she realizes that she has forgotten which way the hive is. "How do I find my way home now, all alone?" asks Biene Line very sadly and sits down on a leaf.

At this moment Gusti the Grasshopper jumps to her. "Hello, I am Gusti from Tyrol! What's the matter with you?" he asks and sits down next to Line "I don't know how to get home anymore.I can't find my friends from the beehive anymore," Biene Line tells him sadly. "I haven't seen another bee since I flew to the big tree and discovered this meadow here." "We'll fix that. We're sure to find your home. I'll help you", says Gusti Grashüpfer and asks immediately: "Which tree was it?" "He is very tall and has green thick needles," Biene Line explains to him. "It can only be the big Swiss stone pine back there," calls Gusti Grashüpfer.

And indeed. When Bee Line flies up to the Swiss stone pine, she already sees the beehive behind the perennials and is happy. "Thanks for helping, Gusti! I have to hurry home now and deliver the nectar and tell them that there are many more flowers here", Biene Line shouts happily after him.

Arriving at the beehive she greets everyone cheerfully and proudly shows all her nectar and pollen. She immediately starts dancing to show her friends where all the flowers are. And all bees sing together:

"Biene line fly out,

bring home plenty of nectar!

Good honey is in our combs,

that we have in the hive now!"